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Our Services

  • 24/7 access to a special education advocate including attendance at IEP meetings
  • 12 month contracts allow progress monitoring of IEP
  • ongoing parent training personalized to your needs

Client Testimonials

Even in the midst of this battle, I am at peace inside with you at our side- Arlington, TX

We highly recommend them without hesitation. Our son has made significant progress under their expertise. ABC is a blessing to our family- Coppell, TX

Efficient, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable- Prosper, TX

Thank you for your help. Your were amazing!! Answer to our prayers- McKinney, TX

I got to go back to being a parent and not a supervisor of the school- McKinney, TX

Without you, we never would have received the support, accommodations, and services necessary for our child to be successful- Plano, TX

Our only regret is we wish we would have found you earlier- Celina, TX

More than worth your cost- Joshua, TX


Why do I need an advocate?

The school employs many experts, shouldn't you?

How do I know if my child's special education programming is right?

We will conduct an Independent Program Analysis which is a forensic two year audit of your child's program along with recommendations. 

How do I get schools to properly implement my child't programming?

We have developed a systematic progress monitoring model that enables us to track your child's success on an ongoing basis.